New Years Goals

Everyone has a different idea of what their goals should be for 2021. Some want to become self-employed or develop a more stable income stream. Others may be more focused on spending time with family and taking that all-important holiday abroad. There are many factors out of our control in 2021 but there are things that we can control. If your goal is to sell a property in 2021 you may have concerns about how the effects of the ongoing pandemic and control measures will impact the likelihood of success. Some measures can be used to mitigate these issues.

During the second lockdown of 2020, the UK government dictated that property viewings were to be performed virtually where possible. This has resulted in many agents producing video tours of properties taken from their smartphones. While these videos can cover the highlights of the properties they are not able to adequately express the sense of space or immersion within the property. This combined with a select range of photoshopped imagery can sow distrust and leave further blanks in the layout of the property.

There are solutions to these virtual tours which put the user in greater control than the current video walkthroughs provided by most agents. A 3D tour or a proper virtual tour will consist of the production of a shareable digital environment where the viewer can navigate the property at their leisure. This digital content can be made available online and accessible at any time of the day similar to the video files and imagery shared using the current mass-produced medium. The use of tours provides an immersive feel and authenticity to the imagery produced for the user to explore the home. Since all the positions are taken as a panoramic image there is no distrust of clever imagery by stuffing cameras in a corner to emphasise a space.

Key benefits to the use of virtual tours are:

  • Provides an immersive feel and authenticity to the imagery produced for the user to explore the home.
  • Panoramic imagery provides authenticity to the locations of camera angles
  • Intuitively navigable
  • Fewer people physically visiting the home (COVID secure)
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Can be produced quickly

Companies such as TAW Modelling specialise in producing navigable virtual tours. These tours can be hosted on our own and marketing agents’ websites. Additionally, this can be shared on our social media groups. The properties can be navigated intuitively by utilising the same controls found on google street view. VR allows the viewer to experience an even more immersive experience when navigating these models. VR is available on all models produced by TAW Modelling.

These virtual models can be produced from real-world data achieved by scanning the property. This scan can usually be performed in under an hour. Once complete the data is processed in our office and a tour is produced and shared with the appropriate parties and platforms.

As soon as the tour is available it can be shared online through web links or hosted on sites as embedded code. This will allow for maximum coverage of the virtual tour to attract the viewership the property deserves and would command under normal circumstances.

If you have any questions about this process or want to find out how we can help. Contact us now or call us on 01793 550016


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